Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lughnasadh: Let the harvest begin

Today, August 1, is Lughnasadh, the first of three Celtic autumn harvest festivals.  With the heat and drought much of the US has experienced this summer, it is perhaps a time to more finely focus our gratitude on what we have.  In my case, hay for my horse will be hard to come by so I'm already planning to stock up for winter.  Feed prices for grain have also increased.  However, my small pasture has been resurrected by recent rains (little rain thought it was), so Tori has been able to graze for a while each day, therefore allowing me to feed her less.  That little patch of green has been a welcome blessing!

As I reflect on what I've sown this season, I realize I've cultivated gratitude for my home, my friends, and my abilities (both creative and mundane).  I have also returned to a much closer relationship with nature than I've enjoyed in years, spending more time with Tori and other critters that cross my path, and taking time being observant, still, and open with the natural world.  I've had the wondrous pleasure of walking amongst literally dozens of large dragonflies, I've taken walks in the rain, I've watched some amazing and colorful cloud formations, and I've experienced kayaking on a lake at sunset.  (I love Colorado!  Can I get an "amen," brothers and sisters?!) 

In the next couple months, I hope to start some new projects and I'm a little apprehensive about taking these next steps.  But when I reflect on all that has come to me this summer, both externally and internally, and when I realize how inspired and excited I am at the prospect of these new doors opening, I feel confident that I'll be reaping a soul-sustaining harvest that I can share with others who hunger as well.

What seeds have you sown this year?  What is coming to fruition for you to harvest this fall?  As we begin the autumn months and prepare for the introspection of winter, what will you gather now to sustain you through the darkness?


  1. The recent rain has been wonderful! I don't think it's supposed to stick around much longer, but I hope it comes back for a while.

    I'm not sure how much I've done this season... I wish it'd been more, at least.

    I'm glad Tori has been doing well; I rarely get to go up with Alex to see her anymore.

    (Um... this is Katy, by the way, not just some totally random weirdo.)

  2. Oh, I was so hoping it was some random weirdo! ;-) Katy, don't worry about being productive, it's about growing and following your bliss. And when you can't quite get your feet under you to do that, the most important thing you can do is just be in the present moment and be aware of all you have to be grateful for.

    Tori has really changed this year. I don't know if it's some magic from Alex or she's finally growing up! I'm glad you two weren't there the night I found a dead muskrat belly-up in the arena. WTF?! Not a pleasant surprise.

    Don't work too hard and thanks for posting, 'O Mistress of Muses! ;-)