Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Midwest mini-tour awaits... I hope

It always amazes me how much time a musician can spend on the computer. For instance, I spent nearly all of today researching acoustic live music venues in a handful of Midwestern states and sending emails out to try to book some shows when I travel through these areas in late July. Many places don’t have websites, or have gone out of business, or don’t have the correct contact info up on their sites.

This sort of work is normally sort of fun for me. I came very close to opening a private investigation business once. I like digging up things on the internet. But in this case, I procrastinated too long and now I’m trying to quickly manage something I should have done two months ago. When will I ever learn?

If any kind souls in the following states have knowledge of nice venues for live music or would like to host a house concert, please drop me an email at The states I’m traipsing through are: Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri.