Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two thumbs up

I've learned that when I can't talk, thumbs up is the most instinctive way for me to say "yes." An enthusiastic "yes" is two thumbs up and I've been using it a lot today. Funny, I never thought I was a "thumbs up" sort of person.

The laser procedure went extremely well and the doc said the prognosis is very good. He also said I was his favorite patient of the day because it went beautifully and I was so good (good = tough). The biggest surprise of the day was the level of discomfort/pain, including the pain I'm in now. Nothing really bad, but definitely unpleasant. I feel like I just caught a nasty virus. My throat hurts, it hurts to swallow, and my sinuses burn and ache. Other than that, I'm doing very well and plan to detail the whole procedure here tomorrow.

Tom was able to watch the whole event so I can relay not only my experience as patient, but his input as an observer. It was a very interesting experience for both of us. I'll fill you in tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the prayers, thoughts, good wishes, and concerns!

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